"I have taken several classes from Virginia at the local art center, and I’m now taking private painting lessons from her. I cannot recommend Virginia highly enough. The first reason is because, after sporadic attempts at painting over the years, I am finally producing paintings that I am satisfied with. Virginia is knowledgeable and  very good technically, and I learn a lot from her about technique.  She also has a very effective manner in the the way that she makes suggestions and subtly guides the artist, without ever stepping in and touching the work.. Perhaps her strongest trait is the enthusiasm she has for her students' efforts, and the encouragement she gives us."

- Debbie, S. Frederick, MD
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"Virginia Warwick has done a wonderful job teaching art to my daughter. She always has a good plan for a lesson and makes it entertaining. She teaches a variety of art styles, including watercolors, sketching, and pencils. Our daughter has improved her skills and her confidence due the excellent work of Virginia Warwick. We so happy we found her!"

-Sarah R. Houston, TX