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 What kind of art materials would you like to work with?

    Curious about what kind of lessons you can learn? Check out the sample lesson plans below

    Graphite and Charcoal Lessons

    Art Teaching Private Art Instruction

    Recommended Materials:
    • Graphite Pencil Set, Eraser, Kneaded Eraser, Paper Stumps, Hard, Medium, Soft Charcoal Pencil Set, Vine Charcoal
    • 11” x 14” Sketch Paper

    Graphite/Charcoal Set

    Estimated Cost: 18.00

    Sample Projects and Lessons for Teens:

    • Ever want to learn facial proportions and how to draw facial features? There are certain guidelines I can teach you, although all faces are different which make all individuals unique.
    • Together, we can draw your favorite pet or animal both realistically and in any anime style.
    • Practicing how to draw a sphere is a basic fundamental step of drawing. But let’s make it fun by drawing teen cuddle leader’s face and head.
    • There are a variety of forest scenes that can be depicted in graphite pencils. We will first start with the basics of drawing a pine tree.
    • An Ocean scene is always a fun subject as they can be drawn realistically or influenced by surrealism.
    • I love learning about what teens like to watch on television. I’ll help you draw your favorite character from any show, perhaps from Owl House or Amphibia?
    Sample Projects and Lessons for All Ages:
    •   Drawing a sphere. This can be done by observing any spherical object at home. Example: A ball, orange, onion, or even an apple. In this exercise students will explore and understand the elements of art, Value and Line. Techniques in hatching, cross-hatching, cross contour line and contour line work will be investigated.
    • Want to learn the basics of charcoal? By investigating the applications of charcoal, there are multiple lessons that can be done. Students can start by drawing a vegetable such as a pepper. Students will explore the elements of art including value, line and texture. Other charcoal lessons might include a simple still life with a wine bottle and cans of soup. From there, techniques in drawing more complex subjects such as a pair of pliers or a can opener can be investigated.
    • Exploring one and two point perspective. Using graphite students will draw both realistic and imaginary cityscapes, while learning about perspective.

    Private Art Instruction Art Lessons

      Sharpie Lessons

       Recommended Materials:
      • Variety of Black Sharpie Marker Set, Regular Office Pencil and Eraser
      • 11” x 14” Bristol Paper or Sketch Paper

      Sharpie Set

      Estimated Cost: 8.00

      Sample Projects and Lessons for Teens:

      • Start by drawing five or six large shapes that intersect, explore line variations and shapes in an abstracted drawing. Learn about hatching, cross-hatching and stippling techniques.
      • Learn about contour drawing and cross contour drawing by creating a drawing of your favorite animal or pet in it’s natural scenery
      • Emulating the style and concepts of Andy Wharhol and Chuck Close, implement a pattern study of endangered animals.
      • Chose your own personal Paterons and I’ll guide you in drawing them by placing it in Harry Potter Houses
      • Think of anything creepy or crawly? Together we will draw your favorite insects, and I’ll guide you to fill the page, cropping part of the insect so that it appears larger than life.

          India Ink Lessons

          Recommended Materials:

          • India Ink
          • Brushes
          • Palette 
          • Watercolor Paper

          India Ink

          Estimated Cost: 8.00

          Brushes and Palette

          Estimated Cost: 8.00

          Watercolor Paper

          Estimated Cost: 11.00

          Sample Projects and Lessons for Teens:

          • Influenced by surrealist artists, you’ll create a Space scene of your choice.
          • Creating a moon and night sky scape. Using different techniques of applying India Ink including wet on wet and wet on dry technique, students can create a dreamy moon with craters included.
          • Have any fruit around the house. Use this fruit as a still life to influence your drawing of fruit in a basket
          • There are plenty of underwater creatures that can be depicted in an underwater scene. Let's start with one of your choice, and then build a scenery.
          • I’ve always thought any doll is creepy. How about you find yours using it as a still life, letting your imagination take hold, and making this doll a creepy one.


          Sample Projects and Lessons for All Ages:

          • Abstracted Popcorn Study: Students will explore and learn about different values that can be achieved with India Ink. Using popcorn as a still life, students will abstract and create their own interpretation of the popcorn.
          • Simplified Still life: Want to really explore the applications of and varying value gradations and scales that you can achieve with India Ink? Students will set up a simple still life, perhaps anything that you can find at home. A few soup cans, a roll of paper towels, or a wine or olive oil bottle. Using these simple forms as references, students will depict the still life and investigate the subtle variations of values that one can achieve with India Ink.

            Color Pencils Lessons

            Recommended Materials:
            • Color Pencils
            • 11” x 14” sketch pad

            Color Pencils

            Estimated Cost: 23.00

            Sample Projects and Lessons for Teens:

            • There are so many favorite animals or pets that can be replicated in color pencil. I’ll take you through step by step drawing the basics of the animal’s features and then demonstrate color pencil techniques to make each animal vibrant.
            • Explore color theory and techniques with color pencils using different color combinations. I'll demonstrate some very unique color combinations that can be used in many applications.
            • It can be fun to draw something from life, but it’s even more fun to abstract it. Using your own interpretation, abstract a landscape of your choice. 

            Sample Projects and Lessons for All Ages:

            • Using a sunset and seascape as subjects, one can explore color combinations and also how to create a sense of mass and volume. Implementing techniques of cross-hatching and cross contour drawing, students will be able to show dimension in the clouds. Color theory will be introduced as students will learn how to combine different colors to create new ones.
            • An introduction to color pencil, drawing a peach. In this project students will be introduced to how to observe subtle colors and exaggerate them in a drawing. Color theory techniques will be introduced, and techniques in cross hatching, contour drawing and layering of color to achieve an opaqueness and realism with the color pencils.
            • Drawing from a photograph: Using any subject that you wish, I can guide the student in depicting the subject in color pencil. Photographs I might suggest would be flowers, or even your favorite pet or animal.

              Acrylic Paint Lessons     

              Art Lessons Frederick Md

              Recommended Materials:

              • Acrylic Paint Set
              • 11” x 14” Bristol paper
              • 10” x 10” canvas board
              • Palette and Brush Set
              Estimated Cost: 16.00
              Estimated Cost: 17.00
              Estimated Cost: 8.00

              Sample Projects and Lessons for Teens:

              • Learn the fundamentals of color by painting the color wheel using only primary colors to create a whole variety of colors
              • Learn how to “dub” down a color with its compliment. This technique comes in handy when ever you want to make a color less saturated and can be applied in a variety of painting scenarios.
              • Critter Critter Creations was formed first by painting pet portraits, and I can help you to do just that. I’ll give step –by-step instructions on how to paint your pet.
              • It’s always fun to paint your favorite animal or pet, but what about insects? I’ll guide you in painting your favorite insect in an natural scenery.
              • Inspired by the paintings of Georgio Okeffe, you will emulate her paintings by painting enlarged flowers.
              • Learn about Cubism and emulate the style in the form of animal or any chosen subject


              Sample Projects and Lessons for All Ages:

              • Painting a monochromatic scheme. Using a photograph as a reference, students will explore tones and shades from one hue or color. This project can be broken into multiple lessons as students will learn about drawing from a photograph using a grid.
              • Painting a still life. There are a variety of approaches the student can take in painting a still life. Students can begin by painting simple objects such as fruits or vegetables or something more complex such as drapery. As the instructor, I would set up a similar still life in my studio and guide you through techniques in applying paint and color combinations.
              • Painting from a color photograph. First, students will learn how to accurately replicate the photograph either using a grid or by drawing free hand. Then, step by step students will be guided in accurately replicating hues, color combinations, form and dimensions of shapes.

                Oil Pastels Lessons

                Recommended Materials:
                • Oil Pastels
                • 11” x 14” Bristol or Sketch Pad

                Oil Pastels

                Estimated Cost: 19.00

                11” x 14” Bristol Pad

                Estimated Cost: 12.00

                Sample Projects and Lessons for Teens:

                • Learn the applications of and color theory behind oil pastels. If painting isn’t in your practice, oil pastels can be used to replace acrylic paints in creating a color wheel
                • Explore different color combinations by creating a sky and clouds


                Sample Projects and Lessons for All Ages:

                • Exploring the subtle colors within a fruit or veggie, students will set up a simple still life, which will be replicated and drawn accurately on paper.
                • Skyline exploration. Using a photographic reference, students will depict the subtle nuances of color within a sky and clouds. This project can be extended into several lessons exploring different landscapes, trees, and landmarks.

                  Water Color Lessons

                  Recommended Materials:

                  • Watercolor Set
                  • Watercolor Paper
                  • Watercolor Paper

                  Watercolor Paint Set

                  Estimated Cost: 17.00

                  Watercolor Paper

                  Estimated Cost: 16.00

                  Watercolor brushes

                  Estimated Cost: 7.00

                  Sample Projects and Lessons for Teens:

                  • It’s always fun at the beach, and why not painted an abstracted beach and sea-scape scene of your choice and interpretation?
                  • There are so many creatures of the sea that can be combined in a underwater scenery. Watercolors are perfect for creating this “watery” effect.
                  • Replicate underwater creatures from Spongebob Square Paints. I’ll guide your through the drawing and then your interpretation of the colors will be up to you.
                  • Create imaginary trees influenced by the author, Dr. Seuss.
                  • Like candy and sweets? Paint your favorite sweets while being inspired by the artist, Wayne Thiebaud.

                  Sample Projects and Lessons for All Ages:

                  • Creating Landscapes: Students will learn the basics of wet on wet and wet on dry techniques while creating a country landscape, a landscape with a sunset and a night scene landscape. These projects could potentially span multiple lessons.

                  Art Lessons Frederick Md Critter Critter Creations


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