• What ages do you teach?

All ages. I have experience teaching as young as 5 years old! I also teach teens, adults, and seniors. 

  • How do I sign up for lessons?

If you want to sign up for an in person lesson, more information can be found here  

If you want to sign up for a virtual lesson check my calendar here for times available. 

  • How much are lessons?

One hour in-person or virtual lesson costs 65 dollars. 

A bundle of four lessons costs 60 dollars for each hour lesson. 

  • How do I pay for lessons?
The easiest form of payment I accept is PayPal. For virtual lessons, once you find a time on my calendar you will be prompted to pay for the lesson ahead of time, prior to each lesson. If you want a in-person lesson, I will send you a invoice over email and it will need to be paid through PayPal prior to each lesson.
  • Where are the in person lessons?

I teach in person lessons at Frederick Arts Center located in downtown Frederick at 5 East 2nd Street. 

  • How do we stay safe during the in-person private lessons?

I wear a mask and will ask students to do the same while at Frederick Arts Center, I am fully vaccinated and in most cases the student and myself are the only ones in the studio

  • How do you go about teaching virtual art lessons?

I have found that virtual teaching has the same benefits as in person teaching. I set up one camera on profile and one on my work station where I can do demonstrations. 

Once you find a time to take a lesson on my calendar, you will pay for the lesson and receive a zoom invite link. 

Who supplies the materials?

Students are responsible for supplying the materials and I have my own set of most of every material you can think of for purposes of demonstrating.

Go here to find out about sample lessons you might be interested in and the materials I recommend.