I offer a wide selection of mediums and sizes including oil paintings, linoleum block prints and charcoal drawings.

All the paintings are created with oil paint and are painted on gallery quality canvases, have a 1.5" depth and are ready to be hung. Each painting is unframed, but wired on the backside so that it can be easily hung.

I offer paintings that can be turned into surreal landscapes and imaginary worlds featuring your pet or pets and also more traditional pet portraits.

"Weirdo Cats" featuring Drew's cats

"Worlds Collide" with Nacho the pug.  

"Boo" Oil on canvas, 11" x 14"

The linoleum block prints are printed with black printmaking ink on acid free archival white paper can be purchased with or without a frame. They are hand pulled, meaning they are printed by hand without a printing press.

Hand pulled linoleum block print, 12"x 16"

And I also offer charcoal drawing commissions made with vine charcoal and conte crayons on acid free archival white or cream medium weight paper. These drawings can also be purchased with or without a frame. 

Charcoal and Conte Crayon on paper, 12"x 14"

    I am open to painting, printing and drawing varying sizes and subjects. Please feel free to make a request below. 
    When making a inquiry for your pet portrait, the first step is to email a quality photograph of your pet to Next we will discuss pricing and deposit costs. From the moment you make your deposit to when the commission arrives at your address should take 6 weeks.