Artist Statement

In my practice, using fictional narratives I take personal experiences and transform them into surreal artwork, giving voice to those who cannot speak, giving life to animal beings. I am released from my human inhibitions and can devote myself to making people aware of non-human life forms, the worlds of animals and objects we live among but often ignore. I love animals. I want to become part of their world and them a part of ours.


I am an interdisciplinary artist. Through performance, sculpture, installations and paintings I create environments and scenarios that can seem absurd, nonsensical but are always embedded in dark humor. But there are underlining meanings to my work. I seek ways to personify and anthropomorphize creatures of the sea and land. Inspired by surrealism, I juxtapose these animals with the world of the sea, creating a mystical world within a composition or piece of work. When making artwork, I have always been interested in escaping into other worlds as I have a fascination with nature and animals. Growing up, my friends were my pets and this friendship with animals and nature has carried into all facets of my art, including my pet portraiture business. This business and my studio practice go hand in hand as the subjects in the studio work are often depictions from my client’s pets. The artwork is whimsical, playful, and at the same time titers between realities.