Story behind Critter Critter Creations


Virginia Warwick grew up in the country and had numerous pets, or "critters" as a child. This relationship with animals and nature has no doubt influenced Virginia's art making and her creation of Critter Critter Creations, a art and art instruction studio. Virginia offers hand made original artwork in the form of hand pulled linoleum block prints of her favorite "critters". You can find these prints in the shop page, here 

Along with offering hand made linoleum block prints, Virginia teaches and offers one on one private art instruction. She aims for students to feel confidence and inspiration in their lives as a result of her teaching instruction. Her experience in teaching art is based from teaching at such places as Frederick Community College, Visarts at Rockville and at the Delaplaine Arts Center. You can find out about her teaching instruction here.

Creativity, playfulness, humor, and "critters" are all part of Critter Critter Creations, which allows both children and adults to access art and art instruction easily. 

Feel free to visit Virginia's companion site, where you can find more conceptual and avant grand artwork here.