Story behind Critter Critter Creations


Virginia Warwick grew up in the country and had numerous pets, or "critters" as a child. This relationship with animals and nature has no doubt influenced Virginia's art making and her creation of Critter Critter Creations, a art instruction studio. 

Critter Critter Creations first began as a business offering custom pet portraits and also Virginia's own creations in the form of hand pulled linoleum block prints. This satisfied Virginia's aim to provide artistic inspiration for a number of years. It was amazing to see client's appreciation for Virginia's art, but in the past year Virginia decided to change the aim and focus of Critter Critter Creations, now focusing solely on private art instruction. In place of the custom pet portraits and linoleum block prints, you can find her more contemporary and postmodern art here on her companion site. 

This shift in focus to private instruction was prompted by Virginia's realization of how impactful one on one art studio instruction is to the lives of the Virginia's students. Not only does one on one instruction provide a contoured learning experience, but instills confidence and inspiration in Virginia's student's art making, which also translates to their daily lives. You can find out more about her teaching instruction here.

But what always underlines Virginia's pedagogy and Critter Critter Creations is creativity, playfulness, and humor, which allows both children, teens and adults to access art and art instruction easily.