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Welcome to Critter Critter Creations, where I create whimsical and memorable animal inspired art.

Virginia Mae WarwickGrowing up I was surrounded by my pets and considered them my best friends. Still to this day, I feel a strong connection to animals and nature. I have always been a artist, and graduated with a Bachelors in Studio Art from University of Maryland, College Park and then earned a Masters of Fine Art from Maryland Institute of Art in sculpture. Merging the influence I feel from animals and nature with art, I transform the spirit of pets into memorable pet portraits. Here, at Critter Critter Creations I aim to bring the spirit of your pet to life in a portrait. I offer portraits that focus on the art of hand pulled linoleum block print making. This means I carve a linoleum block and print it by hand with out a press. In addition to pet portraits, I also offer other whimsical animal inspired art. I provide hand made clothing apparel, greeting cards and prints to animal lovers. At Critter Critter Creations I value innovation, creativity, playfulness and humor.  I currently reside, create artwork and teach art in Frederick, Maryland.

-Virginia Mae Wawick

Artist behind

Critter Critter Creations