Welcome to Critter Critter Creations, a pet portrait studio and much more.

Virginia Mae WarwickI started Creating pet portraits after painting a small pet portrait of a family dog for Tom and Daisy. They love their dog, Raven, and consider her part of the family. I've come to realize how much animals and pets really are like best friends and become part of any family. After receiving the commission, Tom and Daisy were delighted that they owned a piece of art to celebrate their friend. They decided to hang the painting in the living room for all their family members, guests, and even for Raven to see. Growing up I was surrounded by my pets and considered them to be my best friends, even more than humans! I was fortunate enough to grow up in the country and had a wide variety of pets including ducks! I formed a strong attachment to my pets, especially my pet duck, Squeaky. I understand how families and individuals can form strong attachments to their pets also. At Critter Critter Creations I am here to bring your pet to life in my artwork. I hope I can capture the spirit of your pet just like my duck's spirit touched my life.
I currently reside and work in Frederick, Maryland along with my two cats, Dr. Wildcat and Havoc.

-Virginia Mae Wawick

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