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"Scales" Mixed Media, 16"x16"x1 3/4"

"Scales" Mixed Media, 16"x16"x1 3/4"

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•Using familiar materials to humans, such as plastic drop cloths, I transform these materials into something new. The new surface could resemble scales or something from the underwater realm. Plastics are harmful to the sea world, yet we as humans, can relate to this material as something to spark inspiration and awareness of the sea land. 

•Mixed Media Assemblage 

•I first painted the front and sides of the canvas with acrylic paint. After cutting out organic shapes of the plastic drop cloths and coloring them with markers, I adhered them will gorilla glue. Additionally, plastic jewels are attached. The perimeter is encircled with gardening netting. 

•Created with Plastic Drop Cloths, Plastic Jewels, and Gardening Netting on Painted Acrylic Canvas adhered with gorilla glue.

•Measures Approximately 16"x16"x1 3/4"

•The piece is mean to be hung on the wall. A wire is not included in the backing. 

•This piece like all my artwork can be shipped any where in the United States and also internationally.