Last Weeks Virtual Zoom Class

For the past three weeks I have been teaching virtually with the video conferencing app, Zoom. And it has been working out wonderfully! The class is through Visarts at Rockville and is a Beginning to Intermediate Drawing course. The students are really progressing and I'm finding that students can gain a lot of instruction virtually. 

During the first class the students drew a simple still life exploring cross contour line with graphite. In the second class we explored the element of art, value by drawing a sphere from life. Some students used a soccer ball or even a onion as a reference for their still life. 

And this past week we learned about the artist, Jim Dine who created a entire series of artwork based on ordinary tools. Each student chose a tool of their choice and in charcoal we referenced tools in our drawings. Below is the outcome of a Debbie's assignment from my virtual lesson. Note. This is her first time using charcoal and I think the finished drawing is really impressive! Virtual teaching is an option! To find out more about private and group lessons that I offer go to my teaching section here on this site.