The Transformation of Lambchop the Dog

When Rosie Volcano hired me to do a commission of her beloved dog/creature, Lambchop I was ecstatic. I couldn't wait to transform and depict the spirit of this magical creature into a piece of artwork. It is pretty obvious why this quirky dog has that name, evident from her picture.

Here's how the process went of processing Rosie's pet portraiture commission.

First, Rosie sent me a high quality photograph of Lambchop. Lambchop's figure in the photograph was clear and detailed enough that I approved the photograph. We decided to get rid of the background noise in the photo so that only Lambchop would be the prominent subject in the painting. We decided on a commission that would be in oil paint on a 11"x 14" sized canvas. As I painted Lambchop I would send Rosie progress pictures so that she could make suggestions.

And here's the outcome and final product! Rose lives across the country in California but I had no problem shipping it to her. I have a background in gallery work and know how to handle and package paintings, so if you don't live in Frederick, Md where I am based, it's no problem!